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ゞThank you for all〃頁ViViD處蟹議梧爆。Thank you for all - ViViD 簡坤轡 爆坐稍 仝どこまで垓く送れていくの?佩かないで´々豊かがそう舳り卦すように 日いてた えない尖襪鯡修靴 崔き肇りにした あの

簡囂吭房 thank you吭房葎^仍仍低 ̄。thank you才thanks吭房猴徽喘隈音頼畠猴。箭鞘 Thank you for that generous introduction and warm welcome.仍仍推襲才犯倉議散哭。But I still thank you much.徽頁厘挽隼掲械仍仍低.Here's

Thank You for Thanksgiving ゞThank You for Thanksgiving〃頁匯云夕慕恬宀頁Mackall, Dandi Daley Walker, John (ILT)

ゞThank You For Goodbye〃頁T'Pau處蟹議梧爆辺村噐ゞBridge Of Spies〃廨辞嶄。梧爆梧簡 Oh woh oh woh oh Oh ooh oh woh ooh yeah Hi ah yea Oh woh oh woh oh Hi hi hooo Love turned my head today I I turned


Thank you for all
thank you(簡囂瞥吶)
Thank You for Thanksgiving
Thank You For Goodbye